Chapter Nine has been released!

A Tale of Crowns is a high fantasy romance with Middle Eastern roots, both on pc as well as mobile! It’s entirely text-based, with choices throughout to shape both your main character’s personality and skills as well as influence their relationships with others. There are four love interests for you to choose from, both female as well as male, each with their own stories and secrets for you to uncover!

 I will release each chapter as I finish it, so the game will be a continuous work in progress. It will not be available for download until the entire game is finished.

SOCIALS: Tumblr | Discord | Patreon | Ko-Fi

OF INTEREST: FAQ | Designing Your MC | Pinterest | Report a bug

CONTENT WARNINGS: Depictions of violence, injuries and blood, death, trauma, psychological and physical body horror, sexually suggestive content and descriptions of animal cruelty. Safe to play for those 16 years and older.

The story takes place in Arsur, a fictional empire within a fantasy universe that draws inspiration from historical settings in the Middle East. Much of it is based on Kurdish culture, drawing from my own experience as a Kurdish woman.

Your character is 25 years old and was born and raised in Arsur, where magic is considered a skill no different from reading or writing. Gender, sexual orientation, and race have no bearing on social position or class; it is instead only based on wealth and level of education.

The Arsurian Empire itself is overseen by a single ruler known as the Crown. Unlike traditional monarchies, however, the title is not inherited through blood. Whenever the Crown dies, their famed golden eyes pass on to the one chosen by the spirits of this world to be the new Crown: this appears to happen at random, as Crowns in the past have ranged from the poorest farmer to the wealthiest noble.

Their parents murdered and the previous Crown of Arsur assassinated, your character finds themselves on the run as they’ve been bestowed with the golden eyes that mark them as the new Crown.

Unseen enemies at their heels, will they succeed as the Crown, or will they lead to the downfall of the Empire?

At the beginning of the story, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your Crown’s name, pronouns, sexual orientation, and their skill in magic. You can also customize many parts of your Crown’s appearance: hair color, hair texture, hairstyle, skin color, height, and clothing style are all up to you and will be reflected in the story as well.

Their ethnicity and culture is locked in as Kurdish/Middle Eastern. The Crown is also locked in as a person of color, as is in line with the setting - their specific race is up to the player to imagine.

As for your Crown’s personality, there are twelve different character traits in total, six of which will be decided based on the choices you make in-game. This will subsequently change your Crown’s behavior during story and romance scenes. 

Depending on what your Crown’s sexual orientation is, the gender of the love interests will change accordingly to match that. There are four of them in total, and each love interest will have their own route which you will get to choose from at the end of the common route.

The Sorcerer; Rêzan/Rozerîn
The Crown’s Sorcerer, widely regarded to be a prodigy and expected to become the most powerful magus in the Empire.

The Hero; Xelara/Xelef
A legendary mercenary and the leader of the Crescent Blades, whose exploits were chronicled in song. Also known as the Pale Sword.

The Protector; Ashti/Azad
Once a peerless soldier in the Imperial Army, now promoted to the Royal Protector of the Crown due to their unrivaled skill and exceptional integrity.

The General; Dara/Delal
The General of the Imperial Army, known for many strategic victories in warding off attacks from hostile nations.

Artwork of the characters done by @artbygaia!

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I am soo happy I found this game because I find it so hard to find romance games with even just one female LI, I absolutely fell in love with A ! Even though I enjoy more fast paced and romance oriented games I just couldn't stop because of the amazing story and writing. I am from Western Asia so of course I knew the setting was gonna be charming before starting the game. I can't wait to see more!!


A Tale of Crowns is definitely one of the best IF games I’ve ever played. I think what makes it stand out though is definitely the SWANA elements. I love how you incorporated your culture into a passion and how much you make it relevant. So many games have white-by-default protagonists so to see a change is so great. 


It's been quite some time since someone's writing has captivated me so much. I loved the plot, the pacing and especially the characters, it's a 10/10 game for me glad I found it.


Can anyone tell me whether i should stay hidden or reveal myself  during A scene in chapter 7 ?


Think logically about what you would appreciate if you were in A's position and someone ended up eavesdropping on you.

i actually helped A, and they appreciated it so it went well w me<3


Hi Cherry,

just want to say thank you for this amazing game! I have played Dara, Xelef, and Azad's routes and I LOVE THEM ALL! (still trying to finish Rêzan routes hehe).
I also love the boy's POV so much! it gives me more understanding of them. Moreover, the world-building is just amazing! THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU for making such a beautiful story! I can't wait to read the continuation :)

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this is probably the best story in this format I've read on the site. I've been bingeing a lot of them lately.

initially, I was kinda disappointed, because this isn't a game that relies on a wide assortment of choices to provide flavor in conversation. in general, you won't have more than three, and though there's nothing wrong with a slimmer selection objectively, I really enjoy that kind of dynamic approach to dialogue and actions. sticking around for a few chapters was plenty to show me why, though: the game is extremely reactive in terms of character traits. it's by a wide margin the best job I've seen at really seamlessly integrating your chosen personality into the story. though I enjoyed making choices when I could after the personality traits were locked in, it's largely giving you a say in things that are important rather than the idle minute to minute and just giving you the content that you want in-between. it's honestly really impressive. I made my character and she acted EXACTLY how I would've wanted her to, and with a way deeper granularity and way more consistency than I think could have been pulled off without stopping for choices every time your character speaks, which makes it a better and smoother read. either that, or I just lucked into a particularly well written personality, which I think is, y'know, unlikely. I think I prefer this style a lot more now. I just hadn't seen it done this well before. 

I really enjoy the characters, the world-building feels fresh even when it's building on tropes, the slow-burn romance doesn't feel too obtrusive or too out of the way like it can often in this format, so everything just feels really well balanced and there's always something interesting going on. another thing I enjoyed was that the game offers you a lot of choices where the outcome is going to only be presented at a later date, so there's no rewinding because you picked a bad option unless you're dedicated, and I think there are few strictly bad options anyway. a lot of it is deciding direction or priority. I like that you're encouraged to live with your consequences. I got just enough information to have to chew my lip over it at least once a chapter.

that reactivity is definitely the thing that impresses me the most, though, because the general good writing aside, I wrote a few sample scenes in harlowe after playing this to see how it feels and that is SO MUCH WORK. so I have a lot of respect for it. you must have written these scenes like four or five times over in some places. 

great work :) I'm really looking forward to see more, and although ofc please don't feel pressured to answer, I'd love any advice you have to offer on how you've approached that reactivity I'm enjoying so much, or in general? I might write my own sometime. also, you made me cry. thanks, and sorry for the wall of text <3

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First, thanks so much for the wonderfully thoughtful comment!! Never apologize for writing walls of text, especially one filled with praise, I love seeing it 💖💖💖

To answer your question, I think a lot of the reactivity you mention noticing in the game has to do with two things, at least for me: writing pace, and prioritization.

I can only speak for my own writing process, but there's a certain flow to my writing that works best when I can go long stretches of time without being interrupted. It helps me focus and immerse myself in the scene, which generally allows me to visualize my writing and makes me more productive as a result. In an IF, however, having to write and code choices and different branching scenes and routes are all interruptions.

The more time I spend on inserting choices, the less progressive writing I'm doing, and the less I feel like I'm progressing with the story because I'm stuck on a single scene writing 6 different variations for it. That's why, realistically, as a single person working on this IF I can't insert a wide range of choices, or even regular choices for dialogue, because that would absolutely kill my writing flow. Even if I only wrote one choice and continued on, backtracking to write out the other choices is exhausting.

There are IFs who give regular choices for dialogue scenes, however, but these tend to have no (or very little) overall impact on the story. I love writing flavor as much as the next person, but personally this kind of choice-system frustrates me. More often than not, a writer who uses a lot of smaller choices has less time/energy to spend on writing larger, more consequential variations. As a result, I often end up feeling like my choices never matter. That's also where prioritization comes in.

By not spending as much time on conversation choices, but rather plot, relationship, or MC character building choices, I can focus more on writing variations that actually matter. It's still tiring to write the same scene in 6 different ways, but it feels so much more rewarding to me because I know I'm writing a variation that actually impacts the story and shapes it for each individual player.

I think with the MC's character traits in particular and the variations related to that, it's easier for me because I'm a very character-focused writer. Character building and development is what I do best, so writing different variations for different personalities isn't that difficult to do for me. Adding traits that intersect with each other also gives a more specific flavor to a Crown's behavior. For example, a blunt/cautious Crown will address the nobility differently from a blunt/adventurous Crown, and especially so from a charming/adventurous Crown. That way you can create added layers of personality to what is otherwise a very straightforward system.

I hope this gives you a little more insight, and helps with your own writing!!


I'm really glad you appreciated my comment :) this has given me a lot to chew on as I work on fleshing out my setting. as much as I like writing, I'm very much a novice and I haven't ever really completed a project bigger than a short story, so it would be pretty ambitious for me to attempt something on the scale you're doing. 

it does give me some insight and some ideas on how to better approach these dynamics in my work in the future. and you're definitely right; the more small choices IF has, the less they tend to be meaningful or impactful. they're fun, but it makes sense that time could be better spent towards providing a more consistent kind of depth instead. I like the idea of locking in traits a lot to manage that. and I hadn't considered at all how the personality traits would pair or intersect, I was thinking about them piecemeal, so that's another good angle to be aware of.

hmm...ok ok!! thank you very much for the advice. I have similar goals as a writer I think, so it's super helpful. 

be well and looking forward to the next update <3


I found this game last week and, my stars, I dont even know how many times i replayed this game. 'A Tale of crowns' is a gem, fr.

Love it, cant wait to the rest~

p.s.: Love you, Azad my babe.


Played this all in a matter of 2 days🫢 I probably could’ve done it in one if not for my classes and work, because goddamn the story is good!!🔥 ohhh I’m absolutely smitten with all the love interests (esp Rozerîn bc of course, she’s the sweetest💕), and the world!! Oh dear, the world building is amazing, standing applause!✨ so rich and vibrant, I can clearly see all the locations, experience everything that my character does, shed tears with her and feel my heart fluttering along with hers💕 as someone who tentatively tries to write stories of their own, I aspire to create something as amazing as this one day🙌🏻
Thank you for this~ I will be patiently waiting for the next update✨

Is there no gender choice in the game or does it come later?


There's only a choice for pronouns; the Crown's gender is left entirely to player headcanon!


Another wonderful chapter! Despite my crown's calm stoic demeanor in public "When You're Gone" by the Cranberries is his new Theme song when he thinks about Xelef right now! 


Thank you!! 💖 And that's an extremely fitting song! lol


Can anybody help me with R's route? No matter what I try, my relationship with them at the start of chapter 9 is always "Your relationship has been unsteady lately." Is that on purpose, as in at the start of chapter 9 your relationship with them will always be like that, or am I missing something?


I've seen others say that the relationship takes a hit if you tell them to seek closure instead of finding out the truth in the scene at the party. good place to start, if you did that.


I love this!! Worldbuilding is great and I like the customization part a lot. :)

Glad to hear it!! 💖



I have played many times and through different routes. Usually, if I pick a female MC and with no gender preference for romance I get Xelara, not Xelef. Have you changed it? I usually use the same play saving at different points to see all the possibilities but I like Xelara, Dara and Rozerîn (actually i like both Azad/Ashti the same). I can't find the save btw so I was starting over and Xelara keeps being Xelef... is it a bug or the new cannon? Just to be sure.


Nothing about the gender randomization has changed, it's purely by chance!! MC gender or pronouns have no impact on it, if you get a certain gender variation multiple times in a row it's just a fluke and the randomizer is messing with you I'm afraid lol


my pals and I are obsessed with this right now. thanks for all the cool detail waaah,,

Thank you for playing and enjoying it!! 💖💖


Just noticed we have the same name lol

Love your writing! Been keeping up and checking ur page when i had the time. Just gonna say i will miss naming saves with "ZIRYAN YOU MF" and such cuz he keep appearing in our private moments😭☝️i do like the new saves name tho, it reminds me which route that save is since i am an avid savers(?)

Thank you again for this amazing IF❤️


From a fellow cherry, thanks so much!! 💖💖 Glad you could appreciate the new save system, I wish I could keep the old one but the pop-ups cause too many problems I'm afraid.

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cherry, i love you so duckling much, tysm for this amazing game and i hope your days are as filled w happiness as my heart is when xelef appears<3 ( i love him very much and would take bullets for him, not that he'd be incapable of protecting himself BUT YESSSS I WOULD )


Thanks so much for the kind words!! 💖


I really like this IF, such incredible details! Although, is there a way to add a dark version? My eyes are hyper light sensitive and it's a little bit tiring trying to read it for a long period of time! But anyways, thanks for this amazing game. ❤️💜


It's definitely on my to-do list to add eventually!! Right now I'm more focused on finishing the game first though. Glad you enjoyed reading despite the eye strain!! 💖


Thank you very much! It's amazing that you're thinking about adding it, I know it can be a lot when there are chapters to write, thanks again cherry! <3


Love the update! Is there a walkthrough on prioritizing the public


This! I informed the public of the assassins, opened the coronation for them, provided a parade, and had extra security at the parade, so I'm not sure what more I could have done.


Me too! What. R. We. Missing? Did u send the prisoners away or keep them in the dungeon? It's killing me!


There's a thread a few comments down that were heading in the right direction, you may want to check that one out 😉


My bad thanks! Youre story is so addictive! Youre a great writer :D



DARAAAAAAAAAAA *i start clawing at the floor* 


For D'mancers re affinity on the newest update. 

vague spoilers

Stop Bowing -> neither at fault (unsteady)

Keep Bowing -> neither at fault (unsteady)

Stop Bowing -> not his fault (unsteady)

Keep Bowing -> Not his fault *** WORKED 

What were the choices in the previous chapters, if I may ask? Picking the correct options in CH7 only insure that relationship isn't "unsteady" in Ch9, but it doesn't say the we're getting along well, either.


Everything with a *** seems mandatory from what I can tell from replays. 

Prior to D's Route

-Once at the palace, choose D to keep company***

-Tease a little / Look away, feeling shy***

-Crown has a nightmare, choose for D (not actually necessary, I chose R so I could have everyone be buddies, but according to Cherry's tumblr it's an extra point)

-Ask about the pleasure houses***

-Ask D to accompany you in the temple***

-Choose D end of chapter 4 / start of chapter 5

On D's Route

-Tell the public about assassination (D smiles at this so I think it's good, but not certain if it generates a romantic point)

-"Whatever you do, don't knock over my tea." / "Please don't start throwing shoes over the breakfast table." (Third option doesn't seem good)

-"It's too early to say. It would be good to stay cautious, if nothing else." (D agrees with this, but not sure if it generates a point)

-Ask him why he hasn't visited Nima yet*** (the other options two seem to lead to decreases in my replays)

-Stand atop the staircase (Positive reaction to this, but not sure if it generates a point) 

-Allow him to keep bowing***

-Reassure him it's not his fault (but still his mom's fault)***

End result at ch9: "S/he wants to be there for you. Your relationship has been progressing well." 


Hey cherry, I love the world you've built for the game and story. Would you know of any good sources to learn more about Kurdish history and culture? I'm working on a worldbuilding project myself and want to avoid mistakes in representation and inspiration.


Please, can someone help me get X high affinity?


You have to not push them to reveal everything to the crown during their scenes

(1 edit) (+4)

I did that and still its unsteady.

but I did that?


Make them apologize too




Can someone help me unlock the "prioritize public" option?

I'm going crazy, I tried every option here. Now I'm basically save scumming but still couldn't unlock it 🥲


im sorry this isnt helping but IM SO GLAD IM NOT ALONEEE!! i can't figure it out for the life of me

(1 edit) (+4)

Hohoho~ I think I figured out. 


Depends on your judgment of Keeper Bazo.


OHHHHHHHH okay i'll try that, THANK YOU <333

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Tried all three choices but it changed nothing :/

(4 edits) (+14)

I unlocked it. So spoiler alert...

 I don't know if there are other options but for me worked like that. You need to save when you choose to reveal or not the assassination attempt at chapter five.

Do not reveal at the nobility

Reveal the presence of assassins to the public

Do not reveal the attempt at the fae(not sure about it... maybe you obtain the hidden choice either way)

Ask about the flower right away to the fae princess

Keep the prisoner at the palace

Public cerimony for both the nobility and the public.

Festivity for both.

Additional security for both.

A lot of choices I don't think are related....

Open the courtains

Stand on top of the stairs to meet the Mirs

Condemn Bozo

Additional decisions to determine your affinity... not relevant 

At the party yell QUIET and  support the artists. I suggest to keep with you both the mercenary and the royal guards while talking with Yekbun but I don't think it will matter.

With those choices at the beginning of chapter nine Yekbun will be injuried but fine.

Look at the body, the mask and the face.

I choose to follow the divination option to investigate but I think it will be relevant or not in the next chapters

Let R speak for himself

Then it appear you have the hidden choice and it is: turn down their request. (I suggest to use it because it gave the only good outcome)

Screenshot that because maybe all this comment will be deleated👍


thank you! i was trying it out and apparently it's not necessary to let R speak for themself but you can't reveal the attempt to Kham


I was also trying it out and yes, it seems crucial that you don't reveal the attempt to Kham as well as to the nobility.

Some of decisions that don't seem to be much relevant:

You may move the prisoner if you want to, it still worked for me

Whether you are straightforward or not when asking about the flower 

Standing on top of the stairs when meeting Mirs or staying on equal ground

Shouting QUIET or not at the party (but you do need to support the artists)



You also do not need to condemn Bozo from my playthrough, idk if it's because I just made enough choices to trigger it though ^^


Ooh, this is interesting. I guess I just found something to busy myself with till the next update – trying to get enough public points without condemning Bozo 😆 Cuz I really want to leave that decision for later

Did u also hide assassination from the nobility?




beloved cherry you work so hard i love u so much i am so proud of u

i havent read the chapter yet and am about to right now, so i will respond with all my thoughts once i give it a good read

im already convinced ill love it tho and again i love u so much ur amazing 



it appears.... i have lost my save data.... NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER BC ILL JUST REPLAY <333333


k i finished it

sobbing and throwing up


and i really love xelef--please please please let there be a happy ending with him bc i think my crown would combust if not

thank you so much, and i look forward to the next update!!!! <3


Thanks so much for your lovely comments!! I really appreciate them, and I'm glad you enjoyed the new chapter 💖💖


The story is great so far! Just finished chapter nine and was blown away, way to go! such beautiful writing. I was wondering if there is a guide for romance or if there ever will be :?


There will be once the game is finished and fully released!!


This update is incredible and the story is only getting more and more interesting! But I've got a little problem and maybe someone in the comments can help me out? 

I'm romancing R, but, whatever combinations of choices from previous chapters I try, I still can't seem to get on the high points route at the beginning of ch. 9, but judging by the Google form questionnaire I suppose it should be possible? Can someone who was able to do that leave some tips on their choices maybe? Also would be interesting to know, if possible, wether that is only decided by answers in personal interactions or by other decisions / character traits too? Y'all, I'm struggling here 😅


As far as I remember it's only the choices you take. Like confiding in him? And telling him you are a good Listener. I always save before choices and read them both that makes it easier to decide which one is the correct choice. 


That's interesting. I think I made all the right choices, including confiding and encouraging him to confide in me, but still got nothing( 

Anyway, thanks for your answer! I guess I'll try to replay once again paying more attention 🤔


I think u have to encourage them to find the truth about their parents and ofc selecting all the confiding and all options too 


OMG, this is it! I was telling R to find closure this whole time, not even questioning this particular choice 😂

But yeah, now it worked. Gosh, thank you!


Deym I can feel the pressure!!! Btw thanks for updating this chap much appreciated 💖💖


Xelef just freaking broke mah heart! i cant, shdgsuajn 😭


That was great




"Chapter Nine has been released" LET'S GOOOOOO!!!!




Hi I'm not too familiar with this game, just looking for the next story to play and this looks very, very much like something I'd love to play. However...I've been burned by WIPS that go into hiatus forever (;__; - it's like breaking up with all the characters in that story and that world itself. It's super devastating when you get attached). Is there any news or estimate for the release of the full game or is that not yet clear?


As mentioned in the game description, I release each new chapter as I finish it.

Oh thank you for responding! I played two chapters so far and I'm really, really liking it :) Any estimate for how many chapters there will be? It's totally cool if there is none, I just want to protect my little heart from breaking in case there's like sixty more chapters haha


I hope to finish the game around ~30 chapters, so we're a third of the way through!


Ok so my heart is like half broken haha wayy longer than I expected because these chapters are so long I thought surely the story must be finished soon. Nope. However, I am excited to see what awaits in the next ~21 chapters. I cannot even imagine where you go from here (Have only just finished chapter 4 - no spoilers plz)


Can't wait for chapter 9 later this week!

You wouldn't happen to have a template for this impeccable UI, would you? I'm trying my best as someone with little experience with coding to work on a Twine Interactive Story-

No template, unfortunately!

It's basically the result of me fiddling with the basic Sugarcube UI that's already baked into the story format, and adjusting various colors and fonts haha. Not at all difficult to do once you get some familiarity with HTML and CSS styling.

Thanks for the compliment though, I'm glad you like it!! 💖

I'll focus on gathering more experience then, thanks! (Still my favourite interactive novel by far-)


I can't believe that I am just now finding this great game. It's such an enticing story with even lovelier characters. Dara my beloved<3


trying to convince my poor little heart to not get stolen by Tujo when he isn't even an option hahah. i just love him ur honor

still, i write this as the highest compliment — it is rare for one of these stories to have such fleshed out and intriguing "side" characters. im fairly early into the story but im truly loving it so far, thank you


ME TOOO,, until he used me as bait per xelef's request </3


RIGHT </3 <- (forgave him instantly)


I just finished Rêzans route and all those little moments with him is what keeps me going in life, the story itself is wonderful and the characters are well written, can't wait for the next chapter!



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